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30th International Karstological School "Classical karst" and 30th Anniversary

Datum objave: 03. januar 2023

Dear colleagues!

You are cordially invited to participate at the special 30th International Karstological School "Classical karst" entitled Karst - development approaches and conceptual models, representing also the 30th anniversary, which will take place from the 19th to 23th June 2023 in Postojna, Slovenia.

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The International Karstological School "Classical karst" (IKS) has been held continuously since 1993. The school offers a framework in which young and established karstologists from all over the world present new research in the field of karstology, get together and learn about Classical karst. Every year we choose a leading topic, the history and state of research are presented by invited lecturers, and the participants present their new findings in the form of lectures or posters. The red thread of the school is the afternoon and full-day excursions, where the leading theme is presented on the example of the Classical karst. The last full-day excursion is entirely dedicated to the general presentation of the most important areas of the Classic karst.

In June 2023, the Karst Research Institute will host the 30th International Karstological School, which will be dedicated to various approaches to karst research and the development of conceptual models. Early studies of karst in Europe date back to the 16th century, where researchers focused mainly on the movement of groundwater, large springs, ponors and sinking rivers, and some caves. In the 19th century, modern scientific methods began to be applied, focusing mainly on geomorphology, but soon expanding to other areas of research. Karst research is highly interdisciplinary and has made great progress in recent years. Modelling studies and conceptual models have given us a rich new understanding of karst, speleogenesis, karst aquifers, and ecosystems. As research methodology and technology have greatly improved over the past decade, the theme of the 30th anniversary of IKS is a more than justifiable choice.

Welcome to participate!

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