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Karst Rock Features. Karren sculpturing.

Edited by: Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Angel Ginés, Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe
Year: 2009

Rock features are important traces of the formation and development of karst surface. On various karren their record is especially rich, revealing to us the many factors that in diverse conditions formed the karst surface on various carbonate and other rock.
We have tried to present the most characteristic rock features and through them the most important factors and processes in the formation of the karst surface, the methods of studying them, and the most outstanding examples.
Forty-nine contributing authors offer a wide spectrum of content and examples of rock forms from many karst regions around the world.
The first part of the book offers an orderly-organized survey and description of the most characteristic rock forms and presents the physical and chemical corrosion of rock, biocorrosion, the modeling of rock forms, their detailed morphometrics, and numerous descriptions of individual rock forms. The second part is devoted to various examples of rock forms found around the world from Slovenia through North and South America to Australia and Asia.

Table of content




1 Karrenfield landscapes and karren landforms

Angel Ginés

2 Physics and chemistry of dissolution on subaerially exposed soluble rock by flowing water films

Wolfgang Dreybrodt and Georg Kaufmann

3 Biokarstic processes associated with karren development Heather Viles

4 Karren simulation with plaster of paris models

Tadej Slabe

5 Modeling of rillenkarren formation

Matija Perne and Franci Gabrovšek

6 Some methodologies on karren research

Gábor Tóth

7 Microrills: looking at the little ones

Lluís Gómez-Pujol and Joan J. Fornós

8 Cavernous weathering

Andrew S. Goudie

9 No karst without grikes. Kluftkarren or grikes as fundamental karstic phenomena

Helen S. Goldie

10 Subsoil shaping

Anikó Zseni

11 Significant subsoil rock forms

Tadej Slabe and Liu Hong

12 Kamenitzas

Franco Cucchi

13 Trittkarren

Márton Veress

14 Corrosion terraces, a megaausgleichsfläche or a specific landform of bare glaciokarst

Jurij Kunaver

15 Rainpits: an outline of their characteristics and geneses

Angel Ginés and Joyce Lundberg

16 Rillenkarren

Joyce Lundberg and Angel Ginés

17 Rinnenkarren

Márton Veress

18 Meanderkarren

Márton Veress

19 Wandkarren

Márton Veress

20 Coastal karren

Joyce Lundberg


21 Limestone pavements in the British Isles – new wine, old bottles Peter Vincent

22 Case studies of grikes in the British Isles

Helen S. Goldie

23 The karrenfields of the Muota Valley: type localities of the main karren types after the nomenclature by Alfred Bögli

Michel Monbaron and Andres Wildberger

24 The nature of limestone pavements in the central part of the southern Kanin plateau (Kaninski podi), Western Julian Alps, NW Slovenia

Jurij Kunaver

25 Karren features in Dachstein mountain (Austria)

Gábor Tóth

26 Glaciokarst landforms of the lower Adige and Sarca valleys

Ugo Sauro

27 Karren in Patagonia (Chile). A natural laboratory for hydroaeolian dissolution

Richard Maire, Stéphane Jaillet and Fabien Hobléa

28 Cutters and pinnacles in the Salem Limestone of Indiana, USA Arthur N. Palmer

29 Types of karren and their genesis on the Velebit mountain

Dražen Perica and Tihomir Marjanac

30 Mid-mountain karrenfields at Serra de Tramuntana, in Mallorca island (Western Mediterranean)

Joaquín Ginés and Àngel Ginés

31 Tropical monsoon karren in Australia

Ken G. Grimes

32 The tsingy karrenfields of Madagascar

Jean-Noël Salomon

33 Solution rates of limestone tablets and climatic conditions in Japan

Kazuko Urushibara-Yoshino, Naruhiko Kashima, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Takehiko Haikawa, Masahiko Higa, Zenshin Tamashiro, Tokumatsu Sunagawa and Eisyo Ooshiro

34 The pinnacle karrenfields of Mulu (Sarawak)

Mick Day and Tony Waltham

35 Arête and pinnacle karst of mount Kaijende, Papua New Guinea

Paul W. Williams

36 Lithological characteristics, shape, and rock relief of the Lunan stone forests

Martin Knez and Tadej Slabe

37 Two important evolution models of Lunan Shilin karst, Yunnan, China

Song Linhua and Liang Fuyuan

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