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Minerali v slovenskih kraških jamah
Minerals in the Slovene Karst Caves

Authors: Nadja Zupan Hajna, Martin Knez
Year: 1992

The growth of minerals in the karst caves is controlled by various reasons. They can deposit either at low temperatures and karst processes (calcite and aragonite mineral association, hydroxides and oxides), under the influence of the ore deposits in the vicinity of a cave (hydrothermal and hipergene minerals), under the influence of organic remains (phosphates, nitrates and organic minerals) or under the influence of volcanic activity (volcanogene minerals). Carbonate minerals are the most common minerals in the karst caves. Their variety is great as well regarding the mineral composition or the external form. Together, calcite and aragonite probably comprise over 95 percent of all the mineral deposits in the karst caves.


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