Modelling hydrologic response of nonhomogeneous catchments

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The research project will focus on the development and verification of the new methods for analyses of hydrological responses in case of non-homogeneous catchments. Good spatial and temporal coverage of field data (e.g. rainfall, discharge, water chemistry of rainfall runoff components, water balance in streams) is crucial for analyses and modelling of hydrological response of non-homogeneous catchments. Continuous measurements on several hydrological and meteorological stations in the Ljubljanica river experimental catchment will provide the possibility to model individual parts of Ljubljanica river catchments as uniform in sense of hydrological response and characteristics. Continuous measurements of the different hydro–meteorological variables will be supplemented by observations of water chemistry in streams and laboratory analyses of tracers in separate rainfall runoff components.


Project type
fundamental research project

Ljubljanica catchment area