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Cartographic collection and other documentation

Opis zbirke

The cartographic collection comprises 54 units, it contains 6,846 printed maps and 5,126 drawn maps, plans, sketches and diagrams. Cadastre of water objects – B includes 869 figures (1 running meter), cadastre of surface forms – C 525 figures (0.6 rm); cadastre of man-made structures – D (mines, tunnels, wells and boreholes) 85 numbers (0.1 rm), and the cadastre of the pre-war Istituto Italiano de Speleologia / Italian Speleological Institute – VG 3700 numbers (4 rm of material). Legacy funds of former colleagues, which contain typescripts, manuscripts, proofreading, photographic and other material, comprise 41 rm, and the archive of the institute's secretariat 68 rm. The data is from 2021.