Integral system of flood sustainable spatial planning

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Countries and their administrative units need precise strategy for the control and mitigation of floods. In Slovenia, national approach to solving this problem, unfortunately, has not been sufficiently supported by professional and innovative technological solutions. Therefore, we proposed a project to develop an integrated system of flood sustainable spatial planning and offer it to the management authorities to use. Integral system of flood sustainable spatial planning will be based on hydrogeological, urban planning and usercentred modules. It will be designed on the basis of current knowledge in the field of karst hydrology and spatial planning and using modern karstological, hydrogeological, urban and spatial simulation tools in cooperation with various stakeholders. The newly developed integral system will be pilot tested in the karst polje, where specific dynamics of water flow conditions occur. The developed system will constitute a contribution of knowledge and approaches to spatial planning and will be useful for predicting and monitoring the effects of the extreme hydrological events in all other areas, not only in karst.

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fundamental research project

urban planning